Terms & Conditions

**Herba Apotheca makes no claims to treat or cure any types of health conditions with our products. Professional medical care and advice should only be taken from your health care practitioner. 
We do not endorse using products with essential oils on children or pets, if you are pregnant, epileptic, receiving treatment for cancer, or have other medical conditions, without the advice of your health care practitioner. 
Herba Apotheca products do not replace medications or advice prescribed to you by your health care practitioner. 
Not to be taken internally. 
Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Always perform a ‘patch test’ prior to commencing regular use of our topical products if you have never used them before.****Herba Apotheca is not responsible for the misuse or adverse reactions of using our products containing herbs and essential oils. By purchasing Herba Apotheca products, you accept this statement and release us from any and all liabilities.**If you have any questions or are curious about any details/ingredients in our products please feel welcome to contact us via our contact page here, or email us directly are herbaapotheca@gmail.com