Tranquillum Salve

Tranquillum Salve

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Tranquillum is a salve I originally created for myself and my children to aid in grounding and calming them down for bedtime. I found it so effective I have decided to share it with you all.

We begin the relaxation with a solar infusion of herbs in olive oil. Lemon balm, lavender, hops and chamomile all add their relaxing and mind calming benefits to the base of this salve. The essential oil blend is earthy, woody and particularly grounding. The benefits of this blend and a breakdown of the purpose of the oils are noted below.

Vetiver- soothes anxiety & nervousness, may assist with adhd, calms hyperactivity, aids in lifting depression.
Frankincense- relieves bodily tension, may aid to soothe tired muscles, may aid in calming and mood swings, reduced feeling of disconnectedness.
Cedarwood- relaxes the mind and body, aids in mental focus while at the same time being emotionally balancing, may aid in achieving a deeper sleep.
Lemon- adds a fresh, relaxing lift to the salve that is particularly useful when applying balm to the base of feet as lemon aids in muscle relaxation greatly.

It has a softer texture than many traditional balms meaning it spreads easily with your body warmth. We recommend applying anytime of day but most benefits are seen when applied prior to sleep or relaxation time. Can be used during times of high stress to ground and encourage calm. Apply to soles of feet, as a massage over the spinal area and to your pulse points.

Your salve is presented in a 20ml amber glass jar with aluminium lid, great for re-using or recycling.
Use the salve on your pulse points to warm the aromas, on dry skin spots or as a solid perfume.
This product is NOT VEGAN.

Ingredients- solar infusion of lemon balm*, lavender*, hops* & chamomile in olive oil, mango butter*, unrefined beeswax, essential oil blend of vetiver, frankincense, cedarwood and lemon, vitamin e. 20ml/0.67fl.oz
*Denotes organic ingredient

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