Organic Rosehip Oil 15ml

Organic Rosehip Oil 15ml

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Our herbal oils contain no fillers, dilution, added scents or preservatives. Each one is unrefined (contains as much of the active constituents as possible) and organic.
They can be used individually, added to our butters and masks or blended together for a wide variety of benefits.

Virgin Organic Rosehip Oil 15ml
Cold-pressed extraction
Beneficial for;
Reducing the appearance of scars and wrinkles and pigmentation.
Restoring skin tone (firming) and brightening skin colour.
Helps diminish redness and irritation.
Improves acne and related scarring.
A ‘dry’ oil that is absorbed fast by the skin to moisturise and hydrate.
All skin types.

Recommended usage;
Massage 2-3 drops to face and neck area twice a day prior to applying sunscreen and makeup. For lighter usage, you can add a drop to your regular moisturiser.

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