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Get Outdoors - Get Grounded
Get Outdoors - Get Grounded

Get Outdoors - Get Grounded

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'Get yourself out with nature. It will renew your spirit and revive your energy level.
If you want to feel more grounded, allow your mind to rest, bring your attention from your head down to your feet. 
Give yourself a moment to get balanced, awaken your senses, feel the connection you have with Mother earth and feel her connection with you.'

Each precious wand lovingly made White Sage, Mediterranean Sage, Rosemary,  Lavender, Tea Tree, Cypress Pine, Lemon Verbena, Jacaranda Needles, Eucalyptus, Corn Husk with a mixed wild blend of aromatic herbs & citrus. Beautifully bound with 100% cotton yarn.

Size 14cm x 4cm. Includes a guide “How to activate & use your smudge wand.”

All With GOOD Intentions smudge wands are created to clear away and shift stagnant energy as well as used introspectively for manifesting intentions, settings affirmations, releasing and healing.

95% of the herbs used (including White Sage) and fragrant plants are locally grown and sourced in New South Wales. Other herbs, aromatic spices and incense resins are sourced from local Australian owned importers.

With GOOD Intentions focus is to create beautiful, ethically sourced products.