Delicatus Shave Soap


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Delicatus (latin)- delicate, luxurious, tender, dainty, elegant

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Delicatus Shave Soaps may be small but they sure pack a punch and they will make shave time a dream from here on out.
Created with a blend of oils chosen for their high percentage of naturally occurring stearic and palmitic acids, these soaps are hard, and when agitated with a little water, create a thick, rich, creamy lather akin to using a shaving cream.
Delicatus are small, just 50g each, but they will last you months when stored correctly. This makes them both environmentally friendly as well as economical.
Organic Aloe Vera powder and a small amount of bentonite clay creates a smooth and moisturising soap bar which allows for a close, clean shave and reduces the irritation sometimes felt after shaving.

We have added a light aroma of the outdoors to the bar, making it suitable for everyone to love without being overpowering. The essential oils really add to that fresh, clean feeling you’re sure to experience.

Delicatus Shave Soaps are 50g net wt when packed, and come wrapped in black tissue paper with label.

Ingredients- coconut oil, unrefined shea butter, distilled water**, sodium hydroxide**, calendula* and chamomile* infused olive oil, castor oil, cocoa butter*, marshmallow root*, comfrey*, horsetail* and rosemary* infused sunflower oil, unrefined rice bran oil, essential oils of clary sage, amyris and patchouli, bentonite clay, aloe vera powder*

Due to the handcrafted, small-batch nature of our soaps, product appearance may alter slightly between bars. We hand-cut our bars for our preferred rustic appearance, however we ensure each one fulfils its minimum weight requirement. To ensure your soap stays in optimum condition, we recommend storing them out of direct sunlight and away from moisture. When the time comes for you to use and enjoy your soap, we recommend not leaving them in a position where water may accumulate. To enjoy a longer-lasting soap we recommend using a Wooden Soap Dish to allow your soap to stay dry between uses.

Whilst soaps are ‘wash off’ products, thus considered safer to apply to skin than ‘leave on’ products, we would rather err on the side of caution when dealing with fragrance and essential oil use. All our soaps contain below the regulatory minimum levels to maintain maximum safety whilst still having a prominent scent when being used. For oils listed as ‘avoid during’ or ‘use with caution’ please conduct your own research prior to use. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions page for more information.

*denotes organic ingredient
**not remaining in finished product

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