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Drought Angels Fundraising

Like those affected by the drought, I have a family, parents, and friends, and I cannot imagine the despair at not knowing where the next meal is coming from, or the despair of having to put down livestock because I can't afford to feed them.
Like many others, I've been in situations over time where I've needed help. There were always people there to help me when I really needed it. If not financially, then mentally. Sometimes it's the mental strength that can help you keep going for another day. The thought of knowing that someone else in this world cares.
I just think it's time, as Australians, to give back to the land and people that have provided for us for so long. We all get upset when we read about imported products. Well what is going to happen when we no longer have the ability to be able to produce our own products? When our farmers are gone either by having to sell up and relocate or gone by their own hand because they could not bear the load any longer.

All that being said I have decided to donate 5% of every sale made via this, the Herba Apotheca website to Drought Angels. 

Please see below my Letter of Authority from Drought Angels allowing me to collect on their behalf. 

The Story of Drought Angels

It all began in January 2014, when two ladies who worked together in Chinchilla heard stories of struggling farmers that could not put food on their own tables. They were having to shoot stock and sometimes turning the gun on themselves. Natasha Johnston & Nicki Blackwell felt compelled to do something to help these families so they did some fundraising and raised enough to assist one family. They loaded up a ute and trailer and off they went. Going forward to today they have assisted over 800 rural families and now fill road trains with stockfeed and groceries.

Drought Angels not only believe in supporting the farmer but also the local businesses in the area the farmers live, as the drought has a huge roll on effect in communities. We purchase stockfeed and local store vouchers from within the towns as well as giving prepaid visas to spend with local shops.

Drought Angels provide a unique service for which it is has become well known for within the rural sector. Drought Angels are a small charity run by big hearts, who offer a listening ear, a warm hug and personalise support given to each families needs. We like to tell our farmers this is not a hand out but a Thank You. “Thank you for all you do to put the food on our tables because without you we would all go hungry”.

Drought Angels is a registered Not-for-Profit Charity who receive no government funding, we rely on public donations, corporate sponsors and grants.
2018 sees this drought entering into it’s 6th year, therefore we are receiving an overwhelming number of calls for help. Too many farmers are now facing the heartbreaking burden of loosing stock blood lines that have taken years to breed or ultimately loosing the family farm of generations. This effects not just the Livestock Industry but also the Dairy Industry.

Every extra dollar helps us keep our Aussie Farmers on the land and supports their families and communities wellbeing. We want to stop hearing stories of farmers feeding their stock before themselves. Too many farmers are loosing hope completely and just walking off their properties with nothing or taking their own lives."

Farmers who put the food on our tables should not be struggling to put food on their own tables

You can learn more, or reach out to Drought Angels via their website or Facebook page.