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An Outdoor Spirit

You enjoy spending your quiet times doing your favourite art or craft, visiting a park or garden or just sitting in the sunshine.. Your soul feels refreshed after this time outdoors, and your energy revitalised.
You enjoy the intricate scents of outdoors. The spirited aroma of natives, uplifting citruses and romantic florals. You favour that which is powerful and fresh.
As you’ve grown older you place more value in things which are often overlooked by those who are younger. You have a low tolerance for time wasters, and you yourself, are ‘to the point’ and you don’t like to beat around the bush. 
You possess the ability to see the roses through the thorns, the finer beauty of nature, and you want to feed that passion and invigorate your senses. The Outdoor Spirit will benefit greatly from a barefoot walk on dewy morning ground to begin their day.