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The Nurturer

You are a nurturer. Your family is very important to you and you find yourself often placing the needs of others before yourself. You might be a mother of children who are now a little older, perhaps teens or slightly younger.
You want products that are simple and pure, yet effective and safe for the whole family to use.
You suffer from mild ailments that warrant a medicine chest of products for basic care. You know that help from a doctor is necessary and you’re not all about the ‘quacks’ and ‘snake oil’ but you place value in that nature does have its place in personal care.
As you’ve grown older you place more value in things which are often overlooked by those who are younger. You have a low tolerance for time wasters, and you yourself, are ‘to the point’ and you don’t like to beat around the bush.
You love learning about new things and research new products and ingredients intimately when looking to buy. You know that knowledge is power, and you like to know all you can about something before you try it out.