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Wax Apotheca. It's Happening.

As we approach our first year of being open in two days time, I have taken a moment to reflect on my little Apotheca and lock in decisions, hash out old decisions and gone back and forth on those. One of those decisions was the closing of our wax melt line in the first half of this year.

Please allow me to walk you through my thought process behind this.

I originally made the decision to delete wax melts due to the ethic that I wanted to sell products that a) would have little environmental impact, ie- less plastic usage, and b) I wanted to promote a natural and simple method of body and self-care.

This ethic HAS NOT changed. But I have.

12 months ago, after years of debilitating anxiety and depression, and trying to ‘fix’ myself with natural methods, I succumbed and made the decision to allow medication into my life. It was an internal struggle against my personal beliefs to do so. Now though, I shudder to think what my life would be without my daily meds. Clearly, this decision was also helped by leading a mindful existence in terms of self-care which I also make time for daily. So yes, while I will ALWAYS support our environment, simple and natural body care and the use of less man made products to slather on my skin, I also support the use of man-made products to benefit our minds and offer balance in my, and your life. Frankly, it would be considered foolish not to.

Enough about me.

Herba Apotheca will always follow the direction I have dreamed for it, to provide high quality body care products that are produced ethically and as purely as safely possible. But why should we not allow our homes to emit a beautiful fragrance as well? We absolutely can do this naturally by the use of mist diffusers (which I also use with our essential oil blends, particularly Relevium during cold season), but sometimes I also enjoy my home smelling like a fresh cupcake, or a field of flowers on a bed of sugar. Nature cannot provide this.

So with this theory in mind, and the suggestion of always using melts in an open area to allow air flow, on Monday 29th October I will be re-releasing our soy wax melt line with a twist.

I will be doing four releases per year, aligning them with our solstices and equinoxes, thus allowing for seasonal aromas. Our first release will include 20 fragrances inspired by the upcoming Summer Solstice and season of celebrations.

The release includes a handful of our old fragrances making a return, however they have been re-named. I will make note of this in each listing. But for the most part, our fragrance release will stick with our theme, be new and will not be limited.

As for our packaging, it has not changed. I still use the same, small plastic containers containing approximately 25g of wax. These containers are specifically chosen for their ability to NOT leach fragrance from the melts as some lesser quality plastics can do. They are also recyclable. So while yes, they are plastic, we can still try our best to be as environmentally sound about the products as possible.

This makes me happy, and I hope it makes you happy too. As you may remember, the Apotheca wax melts are renowned for their amazing fragrance throw and endurance, now we can use them again to create a space of calm and abundance in our homes once more.

Many Blessings