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A Recent Revelation with Solid Shampoo Bars

As some of you may know I recently moved to a new home. During this process I learned some tough and greasy lessons about why I no longer use commercial shampoos and conditioners. I thought I'd share this personal story with you today.

Prior to this I had been using Herba Apotheca shampoo bars and vinegar rinses for approximately 5 or 6 months. (of course! It would be kind of odd if I didn’t use my own products!) I adore the way my hair no longer fell out. It felt thicker, healthier and more balanced if that makes sense. It was no longer dry but didn’t get oily around my scalp, my scalp dryness eased which was a huge relief as the itchy scalp during Winter used to drive me crazy.

And it felt good to use a product that not only lasted longer than a regular shampoo, it felt good to not be putting any extra chemicals on my skin. Every little bit counts right?

Anyway, I digress.

During the process of moving I found some old shampoo and conditioner bottles I had saved just in case my solid shampoo journey ended up being a fail. So, being the non-wasteful person I am, I thought I would use this time to finish them off. During this transition the true benefits of using solid shampoo really hit home for me.

Immediately, my hair felt ‘coated’ with something. Those ingredients ‘they’ put in to make you think your hair feels great. An oily feeling and in between, an excessively dry feeling. 
Within a couple of days, my hair was lank and greasy. Ugh, it was not a nice feeling. I found I had to wash my hair far more often to achieve the same level of cleanliness I had with the solid shampoo’s. How very strange. My scalp came up super itchy with build up on it within days. It was a highly unpleasant experience and there was nothing I could do but live with my decision until I had unpacked my shampoo bars in the new house.


My hair was so out of balance! I need balance in every aspect of my life!

Nothing felt so good as to getting back to my normal routine and this experience reiterated the face to me that I am doing the right thing for my hair type. I clearly recall the feeling of relief and cleanliness after that first solid shampoo in the new bathroom. You know that sigh you make when you finally get that awesome shower after feeling less than great for days? It was just like that but for my hair. I know now that after this, there is no way I will ever be going back to generic, detergent filled shampoo and conditioners.

While the first week or two can be scary and harrowing as you just don’t know how your hair will take it when you begin the journey. It is well worth the effort to find the right balance of shampoo, vinegar rinse and oil for your own hair type.

For myself, with chocolate coloured, brassy highlights and a silvery tinsel effect slowly emerging in my hair, I use the Cupuacu and Hemp Shampoo Bar. I rinse with Vinegar Hair Rinse Concentrate (Rosemary and Sage) in a dilution with water of about 1:8.
After washing and rinsing I then add 2 drops of Pure Organic Argan Oil to the ends of my hair while it is still damp.

If you are interested in trying our hair care range, please feel welcome to reach out and I can help you decide on the right balance for you. We can also troubleshoot any questions or doubts you may have about starting a more natural hair care journey.