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A Recent Revelation with Solid Shampoo Bars

As some of you may know I recently moved to a new home. During this process I learned some tough and greasy lessons about why I no longer use commercial shampoos and conditioners. I thought I'd share this personal story with you today. Prior to this I had been using Herba Apotheca shampoo bars and vinegar rinses for approximately 5 or 6 months. (of course! It would be kind of odd if I didn’t use my own products!) I adore the way my hair no longer fell out. It felt thicker, healthier and more balanced if that makes sense. It was no longer dry but didn’t get oily around my scalp, my scalp dryness eased which was a huge relief...

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Wax Apotheca. It's Happening.

As we approach our first year of being open in two days time, I have taken a moment to reflect on my little Apotheca and lock in decisions, hash out old decisions and gone back and forth on those. One of those decisions was the closing of our wax melt line in the first half of this year. Please allow me to walk you through my thought process behind this. I originally made the decision to delete wax melts due to the ethic that I wanted to sell products that a) would have little environmental impact, ie- less plastic usage, and b) I wanted to promote a natural and simple method of body and self-care. This ethic HAS NOT changed....

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Welcome & A Quick Glimpse Of Our Use Of Chamomile Infusion in Soap

Welcome to our first edition of Herba Grimoire. Every Friday we’ll be putting the spotlight on a much loved herb that we use in our products, we’ll explain why we use it, the benefits of it in a particular product, and you’ll find a snappy little discount code at the end. So let’s kick it off with a well-known favourite, Chamomile. We use chamomile in many of our products, however for today, we’ll be looking at our Chamomile & Calendula Soap. Including the infusion time required for this product, it takes at least four and a half months for it to be ready for use! Our base for the recipe begins with an infusion of organic chamomile and calendula in...

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