“May your troubles be less, and your blessings be more, and nothing but happiness come through your door.”
An Irish Blessing – author unknown
The aggravation of a fast-paced society and the need for convenience often creates an unstable environment within our hearts, minds and bodies leading to a lack of balance in our home. From my own experience with this disproportional combination of imbalance, I have utilised tools from the very heart of the earth to clear my mind and bring to my home a resounding atmosphere of nurture, care and love.My mission for Herba Apotheca is to help provide you with knowledge and products you can utilise to bring this peace and love to your own home and self. I believe when we view the home as a whole, with respect and care, and resolve to lead a simpler, more natural existence, we can improve the very nature of our mind, body and well-being.Herba Apotheca provides you a wide range of products, with as few ingredients as necessary to aid your restorative process.

  • Wherever possible, my products contain no preservatives or unnecessary fillers.
  • I only test on willing humans, not animals.
  • All my products are petroleum-free and sls/sles free.
  • I aim to provide packaging that leaves minimal environmental impact for our planet.

If today is the day to begin your home, body and spirit cleansing journey, I am here for you. May you find peace, happiness and many blessings on your way.Christine DavidOwner & Founder