Scribo Organic Body Serum 50ml

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Scrîbô (latin)- meaning to draw, make letters, make lines, compose

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Scrîbô Organic Body Serum is a smooth, effective general purpose serum designed for ultimate nourishment for areas of dry and problem skin.
We have found this blend of oils wonderful for aiding in the nourishing of tattoo’s without fading or bleeding of the ink, hence it’s name, but you can use this serum for many different purposes.
For use on tattoos, we recommend following your tattoo artists instructions for healing. Once your tattoo is no longer ‘open’ or bleeding you may begin to use the serum or the salve to aid in skin nourishment.
It is a wonderful spot emollient for dry skin areas on your body and particularly helpful to oil moisturise your face. We recommend, before bed and in the morning after cleansing, and without getting it in your eyes or lashes, use one to two squirts of serum and gently massage into face, neck and decolletage areas. At night we recommend using the Scrîbô Salve around your eye areas.
The makeup of the serum is consisted of solar infused dry oils so while it may sound counter-effective to use oil for your face, you’ll find the results quite outstanding.
We suggest taking a photo before you start using Scrîbô, a day or two later, a week later, and a month later. If you do this, we’d love to see it!
For the ultimate in Scrîbô skincare, try using the salve in conjunction with our Scrîbô Soap and Scrîbô Salve.
Scrîbô is 100% vegan and cruelty free. Our oil blend is kept light to allow your skin to breath, and with ‘dry’ oils instead of heavier ones, so they are absorbed quickly into the skin. The addition of phytosqualane which is derived from fruit of the olive tree is another treat for your skin as it acts as a natural barrier, lubricant and moisturiser. Because of this, you’ll notice it’s benefits right away.  We have infused our oils with organic herbs including comfrey, calendula, plantain, white willow bark, chickweed, and st.john’s wort, all added for their naturally anti-inflammatory benefits. A light aroma has been added with essential oils of frankincense, lavender and tea tree which is not overpowering but assists the salves effectiveness.
Ingredients- organic oils of olive, coconut, sweet almond, sunflower, rosehip and jojoba solar infused with calendula*, plantain*, white willowbark*, comfrey*, chickweed* and st. john’s wort* , organic sea buckthorn berry and seed oil, phytosqualane, essential oils of lavender, frankincense and tea tree, natural tocopherol (vitamin e)  *denotes organic ingredient. 50ml/1.6fl.oz
Your serum is presented in a 50ml clear glass bottle with a mister attached for ease of application.
**Please note, due to the intense colour of the organic Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil, this salve has a very strong yellow/orange colour. This colour may fade over time and will not stain your skin


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