• Salves, Serums & Soaps

    At Herba Apotheca we believe in simplicity in our beauty routine. We can promise you that you don’t need a cupboard full of bottles, potions and lotions.

    Basically our theory is if you have just one of each of these items, you will have the ability to care for yourself and begin the journey to celebrate your beauty naturally.

    One of the questions we get asked most frequently is, “How do I use a salve?” or “What is the purpose of salve?”.

    We adore salves because they are simple yet powerful pots of concentrated wonder and they have so many uses. Of course, because we are not here to diagnose you or treat medical issues we are limited in what we are legally able to say however quite often a quick google search of ingredients will bring up the information that you seek.

    Salves are basically a single or mix of oils or butters, melted, and combined with a wax to make an effective, easy-to-use product. Some salves are created with ingredients that may aid your skin with remarkable replenishing powers. One example of this is our Scribo Salve. Some salves we have created are for their aromatherapy benefits, they may help to calm, ground or help you to alter your mindset along with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Some examples of these are Goddess and Peaceful Slumber.  

    All of our salves have different recommendations on how to use them so please see their individual listings for further information on how to get the most benefits from your collection.

    As with our salves, our serums are also useful for a variety of reasons. Because they don’t use a wax they are a lighter option. They can be useful for aromatherapy benefits, skin smoothing, cleansing, and adding ultra-emollient nutrients to your skin and hair.

    Soap, well there is no questions really about why we need soap. It’s certainly something we all use daily and at Herba Apotheca we love to bring you the highest quality soaps to compliment our other products and assist your skin to not only be clean, but conditioned at the same time.

    If you’re not sure which salve, serum or soap is best for you we encourage you to consider the purpose you are wanting to use it for and the outcome that you desire from regular use. We also welcome you to use our Contact Page to reach out to us and we can assist you prior to making your purchase.